"Dream come true"

This is the first prose piece in the Terminal. There's some symbolism in that-- even though the story of these characters begins long before Alia, she kickstarts the real plot.

Alia is also autistic. She's different than Ko, though. Koharu is the ways I've struggled with autism, but Alia is the happy parts. She stims and hyperfixates and is a jumpy little fellow. She's happy. Even though she's odd, she has people who love her.

Alia has finally gotten exactly where she wants to be in life, but it's empty. What she wanted isn't what she thought. For a lot of people, that's it. For Alia, it's the start of a new life. People will tell you that some things are not possible, and they aren't wrong. Don't let that stop you from getting close. Alia cannot discover the galaxy in her time, but that doesn't mean she can't explore it. I probably can't write a novel, but the terminal is enough for me,

Introductions are hard to write. I think I did okay. I have less to say about this piece, because it's moreso a meet-cute (meet... crash?) for the core four. I hope it wasn't too rough around the edges.