"Main character"

Pluto I is an expression of my own feelings of isolation in relation to autism. I’m autistic. Koharu is autistic. That being said, we don’t have the exact same story. Koharu’s experience with autism is based on mine, but not the rest of her story!

Koharu grew up in 22nd century Japan. Her birth was the result of her father raping her mother, which was a deeply traumatizing event that led her to lose any will to live. This is why her mother cannot love her. Koharu’s father is brimming with internalized racism as well as general ableism, so with Koharu being neither a perfect white baby or neurotypical, he isn’t good to her either.

Kurami is less present in this piece. She is Koharu’s older sister. She was the only happy part of Koharu’s childhood, but she wasn’t a very good person. It takes meeting Alia, El, and Zero for her to realize that.

Koharu was the first character of this batch I created. She started as Lily Rein, an amnesiac child living in early 2000s america. Her story was very badly written, but that's how it tends to go when you are a child! Lily evolved into a new incarnation, Hirota Taniko, about 5 years ago. She was part of my first draft! At the time, I had no clue I was autistic, so a lot of my inner feelings were expressed through her without me realizing.

Koharu is not the Main Character, but she is the protagonist. Despite Alia’s role, this is a story about Koharu.